What I'm doing now

I am currently in Mannheim where I have lived since the Fall 2017.

Here's what I'm doing:

  • About to finish my management consulting internship at Detecon International. Here, within the Digital Strategy and Innovation chapter, I have been a part of the New Work, Agility, and Responsive Change tribe, focussing on New Work and Change Management. I am very grateful for the fantastic experience I had on the team and in the company. Most of the internship was done within the realms of my home office since work-related travel has been limited. I have learned a lot about our fields of consulting as well as the profession of a consultant.

  • Planning my master's thesis at the University of Mannheim. It will probably be partially about our own startup which brings me to the next point...

  • Familienrevue! One of my best and oldest friends from Bremen, Dragan, is an incredible designer. He lives in Hamburg. Together, we are building a small company focusing on individual family photo magazines. The idea is rather simple: because our grandparents cannot use smartphones and social media, we want all family members to upload a few photos and comment them each month. We, then, take all these photos, layout them into a beautiful magazine format, print them, and ​​send them to your grandparents. Currently, we're working on the website and plan to launch any week now.

What's a "now" page?

It's an idea of Derek Sivers, one of my favourite people online. The idea is to add a page to your blog that shows what you’re doing at that very moment.

If you have your own site, you should make one, too.

Read about the now project here.

page last updated: 05.07.2020

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